Development Training at Jatiluhur

Last weekend was my second time to visit Waduk Jatiluhur in order to do outdoor training. Different teams, different experiences.

In this time I did it with my friends in Ppm Manajemen to complete one of mandatory subject called ‘Personal Development’. It’s part of our Master Program in Management. This personal development training, which is using experiential learning method, was facilitated by Pancawati Outdoor Training – POT.
In the first day we were given a map and a compass to complete our mission. We need to row for more than 5 hours just to get lunch also need to visit some place to get our dinner and tent.
In the second day, we need to do amazing race to get point and change it to some equipments to build the raft and (again) need to row it to finish line.
With communication and teamwork, my team did it well. We try to understand each other, put ourself on other’s.

Ah yaa.. There is nice quote in our camp ground. I took a photo of it. “People will deliver the impossible of you inspire them“.

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Waduk Jatiluhur, 8-9 August 2015.

Salam Damai,
Ewaldo Reis Amaral

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