Short Story from IATSS Recruitment Process

Thank God!

After all the selection processes, i passed the final interview with another 3 amazing young leaders to represent Indonesia, and will join the IATSS Youth Leadership Program at Japan in the Q3 2018 for 2 months. (I will share the detail of recruitment process later 🙂 )

I met 9 amazing youth people in the final interview. And found out that they are really inspiring! Its glad to meet and learn from them as well.

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I also met the legendary Prof Prapti Sumarmo, Ridwan Gunawan (was one of the top leader in Astra group), and Prof Toshihiro Hiraoka from Nagoya University as the panelist. It is an honour to be assessed by them in this program.

Fyi, last year i also applied for this program. However, i failed even in the 1st selection process.

For those who want to know more detail about the program, click here:

God is good all the time!

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Salam Damai,
Ewaldo Reis Amaral

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