Speaker at ASEAN Youth Energy Institute 2015

I was invited to be a speaker to conduct a session called “Leadership in Social Community” in ASEAN Youth Energy Institute 2015. My session was divided into 2 parts. The first one is outdoor session in order to maximize their potential leadership using experiential learning method and the second one is indoor class for many discussions and sharing each other. My class session was amazing, full of happiness, and so colorful. 🙂

In the same time I met Ibu Tri Mumpuni, an inspiring social entrepreneur, as one of the speaker also. I will write her great session later in my blog.

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That was a great time for being one of the part of this great event. Hopefully, they can bring all of the materials that they got to their social community. By the way, thank you for the committee for the invitation! 🙂

Salam Damai,
Ewaldo Reis Amaral

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